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April 02
Recycling around the home has become easier than ever as more materials are being accepted by haulers and facilities. However, reusing or recycling parts of the home itself after a remodel isn't as...
March 22
The Lakeville Ames Arena is aiming for a new goal: zero waste. The Arena's new waste system provides three options for disposing waste including traditional recycling, trash, and green organics...
March 15
Need to get rid of sensitive documents? Attend Dakota Valley Recycling's Shred Event at the Eagan Community Center! The event is open to residents of Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, and Lakeville....
March 15
Dakota County and the City of Lakeville are hosting their annual Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day on Saturday, May 5th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Lakeville Central Maintenance Facility...
March 14
This year, in coordination with the I Love Burnsville Week, the City of Burnsville will be hosting their annual Residential Drop-Off Day on June 2nd. Appliances, electronics, scrap metal,...
March 13
Disposal and recycling of large, bulky items is made easier than ever during annual spring collection events! This year, in coordination with the I Love Burnsville Week, the city of Burnsville will...
March 13
It's that time of year again for Burnsville's annual curbside collection week. This year, Certified Recycling will be doing a curbside pick-up of bulky items, appliances, & electronics for a...
March 05
Make your next event or gathering a green one! Dakota Valley Recycling can help you plan a low-waste event by providing free resources to residents and event planners. View the following guides to...
February 22
A new year brought a few changes to ho w residents can recycle certain items. Dakota County no longer accepts plastic bags and packaging peanuts at The Recycling Zone in Eagan . As of Jan. 1, 2018...
January 01
The recycling world is not immune to myths but don't let these rumors stop you from making a difference. We have compiled the biggest fibs and explained how they just aren't true. {slider Myth 1:...
December 06
Yo u may have seen new bins around your community featuring signs that say "organics only," but what does that mean? Organics recycling is the recycling of organic material - anything that was once...
November 27
This years' annual shoe recycling event has come and gone but with it came a new recycling record! In just one week with the help of Dakota County residents and the local textile recyclers,...
November 14
Did you know that the volume of trash generally increases by 25% between Thanksgiving and New Years? Help reduce that waste with some easy reducing and recycling holiday tips.
November 08
If you have ever caught yourself asking "can I recycle this?" -you're not alone. New technologies in recycling allow for more materials to go into the recycling bin, but it also makes recycling a...
October 02
This year's Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day has come and gone, but you have options for properly disposing of hazardous waste, electronics, and appliances year-round. Household Hazardous...

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New Recycling Requirement for Businesses

Starting January 1, 2016, recycling will be the law for many businesses. Commercial building owners operating or leasing to a retail establishment, restaurant, educational or professional service, health care service or any other business with a North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code between 42 and 81 and contracting disposal of at least four cubic yards of solid waste per week must recycle at least three materials, such as paper, glass, plastic, metal and organics (food waste and soiled paper). 

three stream recycling container

The Burnsville Ames Center continues to "wow the crowds" with its newest venture: organics recycling. Guests at the Ames Center may notice the new, brightly colored bins around the venue that feature traditional recycling, trash, and a special spot just for organic waste.

To make recycling easier, the new containers have labels showing what can be thrown where, and most of the items in the concession/bar have been switched to BPI-Certified compostable alternatives. While bottles, cans and paper handouts can continue to go in the regular blue recycling bin, things such as cups, plastic forks, napkins, apple cores, and most food containers can go into the green organics bin. Other items such as candy wrappers or chip bags should still go in the trash.

Many of these new BPI-Certified compostable items are made of a plant based plastic and look like they could go in the recycling bin. However, in order for them to be turned into compost, they will need to go in the green bin with other compostable items. If you are unsure if the item you purchased is compostable, check the item for the BPI Logo or just ask any staff member at the Ames Center. 

Organics recycling plays an essential role in keeping valuable materials out of landfills. Organics collected at the Ames Center will be brought to a local organics recycling facility to be turned into compost, a valuable soil additive. Compost improves soil quality, reduces erosion, reduces greenhouse gases, and decreases the need for chemical fertilizers. 

So, next time you’re at the Ames Center, grab an ice cold refreshment and make to sure throw the whole cup in the green bin when you’re done- straw too!

Got a question about recycling? Not sure how to dispose of a household item?  Need information about yard waste sites, landfills, or The Recycling Zone?

If your question isn't covered by the content on this website, contact us directly via email or call us at 952-895-4559. 

It's that time of year again for Burnsville's annual curbside collection week. This year, Certified Recycling will be doing a curbside pick-up of bulky items, appliances, & electronics for a discounted, per-item fee. Make sure to call Certified directly at 952-894-1448 to schedule a pick-up for the week of June 4th and arrange payment.

Collection Week: June 4th-9th, during your normal garbage collection day
To schedule pick-up: Residents must call Certified directly at 952-894-1448 and mention the I Love Burnsville Curbside Collection to receive reduced rate. 

NOTE: Pickup will be on the same day as weekly garbage collection. Items can only be left out on the DAY OF scheduled pickup. 

Items accepted and fees: 

  • Appliances such as air conditioner, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven, water heater, washer, dryer, dehumidifier ($20 per item), 
  • Water softener ($30)
  • Electronics: Computer set ($28); Computer monitor ($25); Computer keyboard ($3); Printer/Copier ($10)
    • Televisions:
      • Under 13": $20
      • 13"-19": $25
      • 20"-27": $35
      • 28"-35": $65
      • 36"and larger: $75
  • Chairs ($10-$20); Stuffed chair ($30); Reclining chair ($40);
  • Couch ($50); Hide-A-Bed ($70)
  • Table ($20); Desk ($30)
  • Toilet ($20)
  • Entertainment center ($45)
  • Mattress ($35); Box spring ($35); Bed Frame- metal only (free)
  • Mirror ($6); Lamp ($6); Vacuum ($12)
  • Stationary exercise bicycle ($18); Treadmill ($35); Bicycles ($6)
  • Gas grill ($10); Lawn mower ($25-$35); Snow blowers ($25); Leaf blower/weed trimmer ($10)
  • Patio Door ($15); Storm/interior door ($15)
  • Tires ($5-$15)

Curious about the other I Love Burnsville Events? Click here for more information. Questions? Call the Burnsville Recycling department (Dakota Valley Recycling) at 952-895-4511 or contact us via email.


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