Dakota Valley Recycling

DVR is the partnership recycling department for the Cities of Apple Valley, Eagan and Burnsville
that connects residents and businesses to recycling, composting and waste disposal information.


Pumpkin Drop-Off on November 1st

Pumpkin pile 

After Halloween has come and gone, what can you do with that old pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern? Instead of throwing it in the garbage, residents will be able to bring their pumpkins to the Eagan Community Center parking lot for a free, one-day pumpkin drop-off. The event will take place on Saturday, November 1 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Eagan Community Center parking lot.

Pumpkins brought to this drop-off event will be collected by Dick’s Sanitation and brought to a special organics recycling facility to be composted.  All candle wax must be removed and painted pumpkins will not be accepted.  Kids that accompany their parents to recycle a pumpkin will get a free treat for "greening their Halloween!"

Eagan Community Center (southwest parking lot)
1501 Central Parkway, Eagan, MN 55121
Saturday, November 1st
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Can't make it to the Pumpkin Drop-Off? You can bring unwanted pumpkins to a yard waste site for a small fee ($1-$5, depending on quantity). 

For more information about this event, please contact Dakota Valley Recycling at 651-675-5011 (Eagan) or 952-895-4511 (Burnsville and Apple Valley).

Recycle More at Your Curb

new recyclables

Many Twin Cities garbage haulers are now accepting more materials for recycling.

As processing and manufacturing technology has changed, materials that were previously not used for recycled-content products are now sought after by manufacturers.  The new items that you are able to recycle will depend on your garbage hauling company, so check the hauler recycling guides to be certain what you can and cannot recycle.

Things that can now be recycled by most haulers include:

Paper: Mail, magazines, newspaper, boxes, cardboard [some haulers now accept frozen food boxes and/or pizza boxes – check the hauler recycling guides for your hauler's list]

paper recycling items

Cartons: Milk cartons, juice boxes, soup cartons

 milk, broth and juice cartons


Plastic: Bottles, jugs, plastic cups, tubs, containers and lids – check the hauler recycling guides for your hauler's list

plastic bottles, jugs, tubs, cups and containers


Metal: Food and beverage cans

metal cans


Glass: Bottles and jars

glass bottles and jars

For a full list of items accepted in your recycling bin, download a Curbside Recycling Guide specific to your garbage company.  Just click on your hauler's logo to see the "Yes" and "No" lists for your hauler.

New technologies, growing markets and new products made from recycled materials are expanding the types of things we can recycle at the curb.  But not all recycling facilities are equipped to handle the new recyclables, so what you can and cannot put in your curbside recycling bin depends on where your hauler takes it.

Recycling markets are rapidly growing in the Twin Cities area, so the materials collected through residential curbside recycling programs are subject to change.  Stay tuned!

Have questions on how the materials should be sorted or when it will be picked up? Contact your hauler directly.  For phone numbers, go to the hauler directory, click on your city, and click your hauler's name.

Shoe Recycling Week November 10-16!

pile of old shoesInstead of throwing away old or unwanted shoes, residents in Apple Valley, Burnsville and Eagan will be able to drop them off at various locations for recycling during a free one-week collection from Monday, November 10 to Sunday, November 16.

Disposing of Yard Waste

pile of maple leavesGot leaves?  Property owners cleaning up this fall have a variety of options for disposing of leaves, branches and other yard waste.  MN State law prohibits the disposal of yard waste in your garbage.  Many people choose to utilize the yard waste pick-up service offered by their garbage hauler, or may compost their leaves in a backyard compost bin.  If you choose to take your yard waste to a compost site, you may bring it to a privately-run site in the area.  All yard waste disposal is subject to fees; call ahead for pricing.

Missed the Drop-Off Day? Other Options for Your Stuff

box of household chemicals and cleaners

This year's household hazardous waste (HHW) drop-off day has come and gone, but you have options for properly disposing of electronics, hazardous waste, and appliances year-round.

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