Dakota Valley Recycling

DVR is the partnership recycling department for the Cities of Apple Valley, Eagan and Burnsville
that connects residents and businesses to recycling, composting and waste disposal information.

Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste must be handled with care.  There are many items in the home that should be treated as household hazardous waste and disposed of properly.

The Recycling Zone, Dakota County's recycling facility in Eagan, accepts household hazardous waste from residents at no charge.  In 2010, Dakota County collected 67,862 gallons of paint at both The Recycling Zone and at event collections--that is over 1300 gallons per week!  Dakota County also collected 128,000 fluorescent bulbs to be recycled in 2010. 

Image of household hazardous waste including paint, fluorescent bulbs and aerosol cans

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