Dakota Valley Recycling

DVR is the partnership recycling department for the Cities of Apple Valley, Eagan and Burnsville
that connects residents and businesses to recycling, composting and waste disposal information.

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Reducing, reusing and recycling can reduce an organization's costs, create a sense of pride and help your community sustain a quality environment.  Dakota Valley Recycling recognizes businesses, schools and organizations for their environmentally conscious actions with ARROW: Awards for Reduction & Recycling Of Waste.  ARROW is a free, voluntary program for businesses in Eagan, Apple Valley and Burnsville that do any of the following:

  • Recycle. Your business has a recycling program in place, ranging from regular recyclables to pre-consumer manufacturing materials.
  • Reduce resource consumption. Your business has implemented practices that reduce paper, packaging, water or energy consumption.
  • Reuse materials.  Your business sells secondhand goods, reuses manufacturing byproducts, reuses shipping pallets and other supply elements or procures furniture and office supplies from programs like Minnesota Materials Exchange.
  • Buy recycled goods.  Your business buys materials or supplies with recycled content.
  • Sell recycled goods.  Your business sells products or merchandise containing recycled materials or content.


To have your business or organization recognized by the ARROW program, fill out and return this application.

Members receive a certificate, window cling, annual newsletter and annual mention in a local newspaper ad.

Over 130 local businesses, schools and organizations have joined the ARROW program since 2002.  See the directory of current ARROW members here.


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